• Highlights of 13/02/2017

    • min fior di bosco

      Fior di Bosco

      Block 11908M

  • Highlights of 06/02/2017

    • min allure royale

      Allure Royal

      Block 28717G

  • Highlights of 30/01/2017

    • min new brown

      New Brown

      Block 22784G

  • Highlights of 23/01/2017

    • min fusion tung

      Fusion Tungsteno

      Block 28349G

uffici-stocchero-attilio-srlStocchero Attilio e C. s.r.l.
Granite and marble as lifestyle.

Granite, marble, travertine and onyx slabs, the most rare and valuable materials, treated with the most innovative technologies, the greatest care and our experience, to offer you the quality you are searching for.

Over its 50-year history and by constant technological updates, Stocchero Attilio e C. has been at the forefront of a demanding market
with high-quality services.